Leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus.

We exist to point the way to Jesus.  We believe we have been placed in this community to share the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  For us, that looks like, doing all we can to remove any obstacle that may be keeping someone away from church.  We like to say, this is a place where "Everyone is welcome, No one is perfect and Anything is possible."  You won't find judgement here.  You won't find any masks either. You will find real people, walking through real life problems and celebrations, while following a real God. Together.    

Encounter.  Grow.  Join.

When you come to Journey, you will find a clear process for growth.  First, we are intentional about our Sunday morning services being a time where you can have a genuine encounter with God.  Through worship, prayer and Biblical teaching, we believe each of us can encounter Jesus.  Secondly, we desire to provide opportunities for individuals to grow in their faith journey.  We recognize that we are all at different starting points.  What matters to us, isn't where we are starting, it's where we are going.  Finally, we want to see every person who calls Journey home, find a place to serve within the church and the community. We need everyone on board in order to make Jesus known in Bradenton!  We want to help you use the gifts you've been given for this purpose. 

What's Happening?

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