Leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus.

We believe we have been placed in this community to share the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  For us, that looks like, doing all we can to remove any obstacle that may be keeping someone away from church.  We like to say, this is a place where "Everyone is welcome, No one is perfect and anything is possible."  You won't find judgement here.  You won't find any masks either. You will find real people, walking through real life problems and celebrations, while following a real God. Together.    


When you step foot into Journey you will find that we never look at someone's present, but believe in their  purpose.   You will never be judged, but believed in.  You will never be mocked, but enocouraged.  You will never feel hate, but love. Through this unconditional love, you will know your identity in Jesus, you will find your purpose for life and you will experience family in us and in Jesus!   

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