About Us
Journey Assembly was founded by Pastor John Cooper with a vision to reach out in love to East Manatee County. After out growing several rented facilities the church was able to buy 5 acres and build it's first facility. As only God could do, the church was given a phone number that expressed Pastor Cooper's vision for the people of Manatee county…751-4673…the 4673 spells out HOPE. That was his heart cry and is still ours today to give HOPE to this world.
The church's original name was Trinity Assembly. A few years ago the church changed it's name to Journey because we are ALL on a Journey and it is our HOPE to help you with your personal Journey here on earth and for the Journey in the life we will embrace after death. Pastor Carter is committed to share life changing, practical message that will strengthen your everyday Journey. Our small groups are designed to help you grow and to be better equipped to face life and it's various challenges. Join us as we Journey together in becoming all that God intended for us to be.