Journey Bible College
Are you serious about growing in Christ?  Do you want to know how to become intimate with your Savior?  Would you like to follow the Lord by becoming a licensed minister?  Well, Journey has a place for you!  It is called Journey Bible College and it meets once a week offering numerous diplomas based on your degree of study and pursuit.
Studying can be fun and the fellowship with fellow students is irreplaceable.  Not only do you learn the Word of God in a relaxed classroom environment, but you have the opportunity to apply it as you interact with fellow students and put it into practice throughout your weekly activities, both at church as well as you outside activities.

Berean School of the Bible is an adult continuing education program that exists to help believers fulfill God's call on their lives by providing high quality, affordable preparation for church leadership, lay ministry, and personal enrichment within the context of the local church and community. Berean School of the Bible is integral to Global University's facilitation of life-long learning for all believers.

2014 Journey Bible College fees (Include Global University 2014 price increase).
We have several different offerings for you to study with us.                          Per Course Fee
Full enrollment with testing for ministerial or diploma credit                             $80.00*
Audit (In case you might want to test later for additional fee)                           $60.00*

Special testing and make up testing to include extension of time
will be determined at the time of ordering.

One time registration fee is $30.00.  Registration is for life.


**Anyone interested in joining may sit in on one class to see how we interact.

Pastor Charles Elmore
work: 941-751-HOPE (4673)