Family Integrity Training
FIT stands for Family Integrity Training and exists to help at-risk populations in transitioning back into successful living.The FIT program targets those currently in or transitioning from prisons, jails, half-way houses, or destructivelife experiences. FIT accomplishes this through mentoring, specialized coursematerials, and a group format that empowers clients become empowered to overcome their personal hang-ups. For more information please visit 
FIT's Goals
  • TRAINS facilitators to effectively use FIT materials.
  • Raises funds to provide FREE MATERIALS for FIT courses.
  • Provides CUSTOM CERTIFICATES for each graduate of each completed course
  • Keeps complete RECORDS and uses them to work with probation officers, courts, social agencies, etc.
The Curriculum
The Integrity Curriculum is a combination of 5 courses from Living Free/Turning Point publications and 3 from Family Integrity Training. The literature provides structure for six focus areas: (1) Parenting, (2) Personal Integrity, (3) Decision Making, (4) Anger Management, (5) Relationships, and (6) Economics. These materials help leaders to facilitate small-group sessions where participants solve their own problems using group support. Each structured lesson is self-contained and builds on previous lessons. Where possible, each participant is given his/her own book to write in and prepare for the next discussion.

If you are interested in taking FIT classes please contact the office. Classes are offered every Thursday evening in the Administration Building.
Don Pratt, FIT Director
work: 941-739-1338
For more info visit the FIT website: